Film Fresh gains Filter for personalised online video recommendation

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 10-10-2011

Digital content personalisation solutions provider The Filter has entered into strategic partnership with online video retailer Film Fresh which will deliver personalised and relevant recommendations to the site’s users.
The deal is the latest in a line of wins for The Filter who provides similar recommendation and personalisation across digital video, film and TV platforms for companies such as Dailymotion, Walmart’s Vudu, Nokia,, Fuhu and Warner Bros. The firm is funded by Eden Ventures and rock star and digital technology advocate Peter Gabriel.

Film Fresh offers Hollywood and independent movies from emerging and established directors, using RoxioNow and DivX platforms on computers, Blu-ray players, connected TVs and other consumer electronic devices.

The company says that fundamentally it wants to invite users to “refresh their relationship to film” and has turned to the filtering technology in order to improve the users’ experience, "Online film delivery has come a long way, but film discovery remains the Holy Grail,” explained Rick Bolton, CEO and Founder of Film Fresh.
“There are thousands of titles available, but how do you lead audience members to specific films that match their interests? Film Fresh is particularly interested in this challenge. The Filter’s film recommendation technology is many things: exciting, forward-thinking, even visionary. It is also an indispensable part of our efforts at Film Fresh. "