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Thread: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

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    problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    Im lookin For the Firmware original for neotion 3000i ,i'm trying all versions of firms in www.myneotion...... but always the some.No signal, please help me and thank you.

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    Re: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    go into receiver menu... then receiver info...

    what kind of firmware version has it?
    SW stand?
    Data version?
    HW stand?
    Loader version?
    Chip version?

    or do you know if it is a 3000RC or 3000RD box?

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    Lightbulb Re: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    Try this link h**p:// RS/NeotionBox

    Should do it for you

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    Re: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    estou de ferias dou-te solucao daqui a 15 dias

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    Re: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    The internal cam has gone. You have to install the original firmware (SA10.9C) then any new firmware such as SBFY series. Find it here:

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    Re: problem NO SIGNAL (NEOTION 3000)

    Hi to All.

    I have the same problem when i use latest sbfy with nb manager. then i have to re use sa10.9 but softcam does not work.

    ANy advice or sugestion please.


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