Henan to go Moto for VOD and nDVR media server

Louise Duffy ęRapidTVNews | 11-10-2011

Chinese cable operator Henan Cable has deployed the Motorola M3 Media Server for both video on demand (VOD) and network digital video recording (nDVR).

The Motorola M3 Media Server deployment provides a VOD content delivery network, enabling Henan Cable to offer its more than 3.6 million subscribers a large library of on demand content, as well as on demand access to live television through the nDVR feature inherent within the M3 system.

It also allows Henan Cable to centralise its library of movies, TV shows, music videos and other content, and deliver it all based on a sophisticated analysis of show popularity and edge caching of popular content to servers closer to the subscribers. This enables Henan to reduce operational complexity and cost, while delivering advanced services and a wider selection of personalised content to its customers.

Joe Cozzolino, senior vice president and general manager, Network Infrastructure, Motorola Mobility, said: "Henan Cable is a leader in the deployment of VOD services in China, and the Motorola M3 Media Server provides the efficiencies and flexibility they'll need to take their on demand services offerings to the next level.

"The M3 has several unique advantages Henan Cable can quickly use to differentiate their advanced on demand services to their customers."

Wang Daoyi, chief technology officer, Henan Cable, added: "Eliminating unnecessary costs and building greater efficiency into our on demand service environment is a key goal of Henan Cable's. With Motorola we are doing this, while also providing our customers the best possible on demand experience.

"The use of new technologies combined with our understanding of the on demand market will continue make Henan a leading provider of on demand services in China."