Uganda on target for December 2012 DTV switchover

Rebecca Hawkes ęRapidTVNews | 10-10-2011

The Ugandan Government has given assurances that it will meet a December 2012 deadline for migration to DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television (DTV), after appointing China's Huawei to roll out the necessary technology.
Information and Communication Technology Minister, Nyombi Tembo is reported by East African Business as saying: "We would like to assure broadcasters that the government is not thinking of asking for a deadline extension. We are sure we will beat the deadline."
The December 2012 target has been set by Uganda and its fellow East African Community partners, two and a half years ahead of the global digital TV switchover mandated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
In addition to satellite pay-TV services such as MultiChoice DStv, Uganda currently has about 15 free to air television stations, in addition to state broadcaster Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).
The shift to DTV is projected to cost Uganda US$74.6 million, with 28 transmission station sites needed to host 62 digital transmitters, as well as four new studios planned in the project.
The capacity provided through digital transmission in Uganda will reportedly equate to 120 TV channels.