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Thread: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

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    Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie with what's involved in decrypting biss channels, so any help would be appreciated. I have searched everywhere but can't find a tutorial on decrypting a biss channel. I updated the firmware of my receiver with a bin from 2009. When I go to the biss menu, I see a listing of 5 channels (NBA TV, TV Minsk, TV8, Israel) which I'm assuming was added to my receiver with the bin that I updated my receiver with. My satellite is pointed at 55.5 degrees west. There's a channel with biss encryption called TV Azteca. When I go tho that channel I get a message, "Scrambled". I understand that I must decrypt it using a biss key. My question is, must I update my receiver using some sort of file in order for this channel to get added to my current list of biss channels? How can I add a biss key if the channel isn't on the receiver list of biss channels? Is this where softkey files come into place?

    I'm pretty lost and a newbie with biss, any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi sextacy, nice name. To decrypt BISS channels usually you do the following. a) Go to the channel you want to decrypt. b) when you get message SCRAMBLED CHANNEL go into your BISS menu and enter the key. c) Exit out of BISS menu and SAVE changes. Now check if channel is unblocked. If you need an update for your receiver look in this forum under section RECEIVER. Good luck

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi Zanny24 thanks for your reply. I wouldn't know if I need an update for my receiver (Sonicview 8000) because it isn't listed on this website. Regarding the biss key, before entering the 16 digit biss key, my receiver asks for a 6 digit hex id on a seperate line. For example, NBA TV has 00 1F FF hex id, before entering the biss key. Another example, Misk Tv requires 00 1F FA to be entered before entering the biss key on the next line. Where do I get this 6 digit id from? Is this the frequency of the channel in hex? For example, TV Azteca on Intelsat 805 at 55.5 degrees west has biss key: 88 24 82 00 83 62 52 00. How do I deduce the 6 digit index for this channel before entering the biss key?


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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi sextacy. I am not familiar with your receiver, with my receiver( TM5400 SUPER) you dont need to put in a provider id for BISS CCW keys. Have you tried entering the magic number 1FFF as provider id. I say this because i have come across this id many times for BISS channels and it may work for you. Also are you able to watch the channels that you have mentioned ie NBA TV and MISK TV if so how did you enter the keys for these channels?. Here in London i have a motorized system with a 1metre dish. I can pick up satellites from 45 EAST to 30 WEST. I would like to pickup this satellite you mention at 55 WEST so i can also check out this channel you are having problems with. I will have a go later today and give you an update. Let us know how you get on. Regards.

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi Zanny24,

    I have already tried entering 1FFF as the provider id but my receiver reboots on its own and the information is never saved. It keeps rejecting the index id for some reason. I'm not sure if there's a bug with the receiver firmware or not. As for the two channels (NBA TV, Minsk Tv), the provider id and the biss key already came preset with my receiver. I'm not even pointed at the corresponding satellite for those channels so I wouldn't know if they work or not. How the keys were entered for those channels is beyond me, but I'd definitely would like to know because I would like to decrypt some channels operating under biss encryption. As for the satellite Intelsat 805 at 55 degrees West, make sure you go to lyngsat and see if London lies within the footprint of that satellite. The Strongest transponder on that satellite is F: 4080 SR: 4340 V 3/4 My signal quality comes in at 117 for that transponder.

    Do you know if Openbox S9 HD is a good receiver? How about S10 HD? How does the AzBox compare to those receivers? Can they all decrypt biss?

    I greatly appreciate your help

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi sextacy. I tried to find that satellite at 55 WEST but no luck, i get as far as 30 WEST no problem but after that nothing. I think it could be with my neighbours tree being in the way, i am thinking of chopping it down. As regards your problem have you tried entering the same BISS keys you already have ( on a different line) and see if the receiver reboots itself again. If it does you may well have a problem with firmware. I also think that the person who gave you the receiver must have downloaded the firmware from somewhere . The reason for this is that when you buy any receiver from new it will never come with patched firmware etc. Manufactures do not allow it. From what you are saying it looks like it needs an update. If you are thinking of getting a new receiver i have a TM5400 SUPER PLUS. In my opinion it a very good receiver. It has USB, motorized functions( USALS/DISECQ), you can record programs and also BLIND SEARCH which i find very useful. It is also very easy to enter BISS/CCW keys you wont need to enter any provider ID. It cost me 85 pound from new. There is no HD channels available though for this receiver. I will get an HD receiver in a couple of years. As i am not familiar with the receivers you have mentioned i suggest you spend a bit of time reading about them in this forum before deciding what to buy. Lets us know how you get on and also where abouts on this planet are you? Regards.

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi Zanny24,

    I have already tried entering the same biss keys that's already preset on a different line, to no avail; the system reboots automatically. I think it's a firmware issue. I'm going to try to update the receiver with a more recent file. The receiver was bought brand new from a satellite dealer. It came with a factory file which didn't even have a menu for biss keys. After updating the receiver with a bin file, I then had access to the biss menu, along with some preset biss keys which is useless to me because I'm not pointed to that satellite. Thanks for your suggestion regarding the satellite receiver but I can't find that brand here in the east coast of Canada. When I'm back in Europe I'll probably get one, but for the time being, I'm thinking of getting Openbox S9. It's mpeg2/4, DBS2 compliant and it also has dvr functionality with the addition of a usb hardrive. Hopefully entering biss keys on that receiver isn't as complicated as the Sonicview. Good luck chopping down that tree. :) Let me know if that helped you get Intelsat 805. I checked lyngsat for the footprint of that sat, you should be able to receive it in England. How big is your c-band dish?


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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi again sextacy. Thanks for your reply. I think my problem is not the neighbours tree but to get c band channels here in London i would need to buy a dish from NASA. I have a motorized 1 metre dish with universal LNB. I forgot to mention to you that a while back my cousin had similar problem to you regarding the receiver booting itself on and off. He has a CLARKE TECH 2100 receiver and when we put in the CRYPTOWORKS ( not BISS) keys for AUSTRIA SAT channels located on ASTRA 19 EAST the receiver kept on re-booting itself whenever we went on one of these channels. The same channels were working fine on my receiver. It was driving us crazy because we could not watch anything at all. In the end we had to delete the offending channels and receiver was working fine again. I suspect that this may be the reason why you dont go to 55 WEST. If you are still having problems with channels at 55 WEST try to delete them and see what happens. Like my cousin you probably need a firmware update. As you are based in Canada may i ask what satellites are you able to receive, do you get any European satellites etc. Regards.

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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi Zanny24,

    thanks for your suggestions, but I think it's a problem with the firmware on my Sonicview 8000 receiver. I recently bought an Openbox SD9 and I haven't had any issues regarding biss key entries. I was successful in opening TV Azteca with the biss keys provided on this site, that was pretty cool. I'm trying to get the biss key for Sic Internation on NSS 806. I've searched all over but can't find the PMT PID and ECM PID for this channel. Openbox asks for this information when opening biss channels. How can I find the PMT and ECM PID of this channel? As for which satellites I'm able to receive, I'm able to receive satellites between 139 degrees West to the mid Atlantic Satellites around 30 degrees west (Hispasat). It would be nice if I could receive the European satellites here.


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    Re: Newbie: Can anyone please help me regarding biss keys?

    Hi sextacy. Congratulations for your new receiver and opening TV AZTECA. With regards to SIC INTERNATIONAL i dont know if you are able to reach it this channel is available on the satellite at 16 EAST. Frequency is 12734 V s/r 3695. The good news is that it is not scrambled. You probably would need to consult your footprint friend to see if you are able to receive any of the european satellites. Let us know how you get on. Regards.

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