PBS UK gearing up for launch

10.24 Europe/London, October 11, 2011 By Robert Briel

PBS UK will go live on November 1, initially launching on BSkyB and Virgin Media. The channel will feature programming output drawn from its US counterpart including Nova, American Experience and Frontline.

Rebecca Edwards, head of PR and marketing at PBS UK, said: “In the States, PBS is well-loved for the consistently high quality and enriching television it produces. Here in the UK, PBS is the last untapped TV archive to be made available to British viewers, and we’re looking forward to introducing it in a compelling and engaging way.”
PBS is a US-based non-profit TV and radio network, funded by 354 American TV stations and the federal government. The channel is also known for its regular fund raising campaigns amongst its viewers.
More than 124 million viewers watch PBS’ science, history, current affairs and arts programmes every month in the US, including long-running current affairs shows Frontline and PBS NewsHour. Across the world, PBS is best known for its long-running pre-school programme Sesame Street.
In the UK, PBS will be a commercial, advertising funded UK channel in a joint venture with Canadian entrepreneur David Lyons. It is the first time PBS has launched an operation outside of the US.