KIT digital and Harmonic combine on multiscreen

09.45 Europe/London, October 11, 2011 By Julian Clover

KIT digital and Harmonic have announced plans to work together on multiplatform delivery models for broadcast and pay-TV services.
The integrated end-to-end video solution brings together KIT Cosmos, KIT digitalís video asset management platform, and Harmonicís multicodec, multiformat video processing and storage technology, which enables customers to deliver and optimize video services for live linear feeds, catch-up and start-over TV, and video-on-demand with a rich user experience.
Strictly speaking this is not a new partnership, but what Scott Sahadi, chief strategy officer, KIT digital, describes as a natural evolution: ďAs the lines between traditional broadcast and new media distribution channels blur, our clients are demanding an integrated, seamless, and cost-effective solution. Already, clients have recognized the value and synergies of our combined offering.Ē
Through the purchase of Omneon and before it Rohozet, Harmonic has continued to move towards the product end of the video space. The arrangement with KIT digital arguably sits straight in the middle.