Houston Texans add plot online TV strategy to the playbook

Michelle Clancy 命apidTVNews | 12-10-2011

The thirst for sports action on the go is proving a big opportunity not just for pay-TV operators, but for the sports teams themselves.
The NFL's Houston Texans football team for instance will launch a online TV strategy that will offer live pre-game and post-game video highlights on the franchise's Web site while the team is at home and on the road, including ongoing activities and special events ranging from press conferences and team practices to charity lunches and cheerleader tryouts.
Mobile vendor LiveU is supporting the launch with its LU60 3G/4G live video transmission technology, which will negate the need to establish an uplink at each location.
"We began testing LiveU's technology during our 2010 training camp, providing fans unprecedented access to the team's activities on and off the field throughout last season," said Nick Schenck, director of integrated media at the Houston Texans. "We're excited to continue to offer a behind-the-scenes look at all of the pre- and post-game action in 2011. LiveU enables us to transmit live video from anywhere without needing to obtain a data connection at each stadium, hotel or special venue we travel to around the country. It allows us to transmit live video on the move, without being tethered to any wires."

LiveU also has hosted Media Day and Super Bowl productions in the past two years. The bonded 3G/4G LTE backpack technology uses proprietary RF technology to provide up to 1080 HD video and sub-second latency for a satellite-like experience. LiveU has also recently announced the addition of the LU40i ultra-portable handheld 3G/4G bonded solution to complement its product portfolio.