Economic problems kick Real Madrid TV

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 12-10-2011

Los Merengues may be better placed than ever to mount a challenge to Barcelona on the pitch but itĺs a very different story for Real Madrid's TV channel.
The broadcast operation, managed by a Mediapro subsidiary, has had give the red card to 28 workers in the close season with the quality of output suffering as a consequence.
For prestige alone it would be unthinkable for worldĺs biggest football club to close down its own channel, socially since its bitterest rivals in Catalu˝a are not experiencing the same travails and also due to the fact that the two leading English teams, Liverpool and Manchester United run highly regarded operations of their own which are enjoyed by global audiences, especially in the highly lucrative Asian markets.
As a result the club's president asked for a budget to Grupo Planeta's Antena 3 to replace Mediapro's services. The idea is to launch the new Real Madrid channel on all pay-TV platforms in Spain and maybe even on DTT.