Turkey progresses with mobile TV

20.20 Europe/London, October 11, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

IP&TV Forum EurAsiaEastEurope 2011 – ISTANBUL. Live mobile TV viewing is becoming increasing popular in Turkey.
Speaking in a panel discussion on multiscreen services, Vadi Dipcin, acting head of digital TV and convergence services team, Turkcell, said that on average mobile users watch 4.5 hours of live content a month, with sessions typically lasting 20 minutes.
However, there is “still a way to go” with mobile video.
“We have a lot of content, but transactional. We have a lot of catch-up.” Certainly in the case of free content, “we have very high stats.”
Speaking in the same panel discussion, Atif Ünaldi, VP of the Turkish IPTV association, said that the future of IPTV is OTT.
He was also of the view that Facebook is a big threat but also a big opportunity for people interested in IPTV.