Czech TV outlines HbbTV/new media plans
19.53 Europe/London, October 11, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

IP&TV Forum EurAsiaEastEurope 2011 -ISTANBUL. Czech Television (CT) expects to have its first app for HbbTV ready at the end of this year.

According to Pavlina Kvapilova, the public broadcaster’s director New Media Division, it will be for Teletext HD.

Further apps are planned for the proprietary news-based channel CT24 and iVysilani, a CT version of iPlayer, in 2012.

CT has already enjoyed considerable success with mobile apps, recording a total of 320,600 downloads to date.

Kvapilova added that CT sees itself as “a leader in innovations and new trends of the media industry.”

It launched its first fully interactive TV show, known as Hyde Park, in 2010 and viewers are increasingly engaging with the station.

CT’s New Media Division was formally established this year and iVysilani offers over five years of video content for free on iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones.

In her view, the industry is likely to see TV, radio and the web integrated in the future, with content playing a crucial role.