Tunisia TV station apologises for showing God in broadcast
October 11th, 2011 - 15:45 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

The head of a private Tunisian TV channel apologised today for airing part of a film judged blasphemous by Muslims, after Islamists launched an attack on the network’s offices in protest. “I apologise,” Nessma TV president Nebil Karoui said on Monastir radio about Friday’s broadcast of “Persepolis”, a globally-acclaimed film on Iran’s 1979 revolution.

The offending scene of the animated film concerns an old, bearded image of God, of whom all depictions are forbidden by Islam. “I am sorry for all the people who were disturbed by this sequence, which also shocked me,” said Karoui. “I believe that to have broadcast this sequence was a mistake. We never had the intention of attacking sacred values.”

On Sunday Tunisian police broke up a mob of angry Salafists intent on attacking Nessma offices, raising fears of unrest with historic polls only two weeks away and relaunching the sensitive debate on Tunisia’s Arab-Muslim identity.