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Thread: technomate 6800

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    technomate 6800

    good morning all. i have the above reciever, patched with latest patch, 31 jan 11. i loaded the latest softcam into box, but zee tv at 13 e will not clear. anyone know how i can get that to work. Thank you.

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    Re: technomate 6800

    I suppose your TM 6800HD is the non-super model. In this case the latest patch is not working for all channels/packages. C+ Ned at 19.2e definitely remains locked unless you go back to patch 696p from 06.2010. Hopefully the good people making those patches will resolve these issues soon and release a new patch. Otherwise, we watch what gets unlocked ... or change the receiver

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    Re: technomate 6800

    Thank you for the reply. Very much appreciated. yes its a non super model. ive been thinking of buying a new receiver as the 6800 is quite old now, perhaps thats why the patch hasnt been updated

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