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Thread: Scanning problems with MT 3.33.5

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    Scanning problems with MT 3.33.5

    I have been having problems with My Theatre when scanning. I have a Twinhan card, Superdish, DISEQC and all the appropriate plugins, but when I scan, I get only a few transponders. I have downloaded the superdish.ini files for sats 119,110 and 121, however, I don't get all channels, although all three LNBs bring in some channels. I have changed my LOF1 SW and LOF2 settings, but typically, from what I read, 11250000 LOF1, 0 SW and 0 LOF2 generally work for superdish.
    It is getting very frustrating.
    I have hooked up my old charlie receiver up and I get great reception so it isn't that.
    When I reinstall MT and scan using basic transponder listings, I don't get much. When I import the superdish.ini ones, I get more, but I'm missing many many channels.
    I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to upload their channels.mdb that have at least 119 and 110? I would simply like to compare transponder listings because everything I have tried has failed.

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    Re: Scanning problems with MT 3.33.5

    Your LOF2 setting should be 11250000 not 0. Not much point now as dish is down except for locals on DVB cards. Still sounds like a transponder .ini problem to me. Try joshyfun's site and get new .ini. Sorry for late reply..just saw this.

    Your FunFiles Team

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