Film4 remasters classics

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 13-10-2011

Film4, the digital TV film channel offered by the UK’s fourth largest broadcaster Channel 4, is to undertake a major reworking and upgrade to HD of its film library.
The digital TV movie service is on something of a roll of late, racking up a ratings success in August 2011 with its best ever month for individuals and best ever quarter, attracting an audience share of 1.34% and moving it up to sixth position in the YTD digital channel ratings. Among the titles to get the extra definition by digital specialist JCA will be Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Bend it Like Beckham and Brassed Off.

JCA has been engaged by Film4 on other HD restoration projects and will handle the full restoration process for a range of classic Film4 titles in order to remove all dirt, scratches and occasionally even continuity errors, so that the films can be graded and presented in the way they were meant to be. For the process, the film elements are scanned at Super 2k into a DPX file sequence. The DPX files are then graded to Film4’s specification using the existing SD masters and then rendered into the file, using an array of restorative tools— ranging from automated passes through to frame by frame hand painting— before the grain and sharpness treatments are applied.
Commented Matt Bowman, Commercial Director at JCA: “The team have really excelled themselves on these projects and we are delighted at the reception they have been getting from both Film4 and the general public. For Rita, Sue and Bob Too we were able to access the original negative, which although it made the grade more challenging, it really allowed us to deliver this film as it never has been seen before.”
Kate Robinson, Technical Manager, Film 4 Library added: "We are delighted with the work JCA and Finishing Post Productions are doing for us in re-mastering Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Brassed Off and a range of other titles. The reaction to these films has been fantastic and has meant we can bring a series of classic British films to the small screen in HD for the first time for new audiences to enjoy."