SA TV age ratings must be shown on foreign feeds

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 12-10-2011

Foreign TV feeds may be cut if South Africa's rules for broadcasting content to appropriate age groups are not adhered to in the future, according to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).
The ruling requires that broadcasters include an age-related content advisory for the first 90 seconds of a show or film, repeating it after each ad break for 30 seconds.
While domestic broadcasters are generally doing this, Kobus van Rooyen, BCCSA chairman, said problems persist with direct content feeds from foreign broadcasters available on pay-TV in South Africa - according to a report in My Broadband.
"Subscription broadcasters are aware of this problem and are constantly addressing this matter with foreign sources," van Rooyen reportedly wrote in the BCCSA annual review 2010-11.
Although some broadcasters have failed to implement the age guideline procedure on occasion, domestic broadcasters have, he said, abided by the BCCSA's orders.
"Where they were directed to pay a fine, they did so within the stipulated time, and where a correction or the summary of a decision had to be broadcast, this was also done," van Rooyen said, according to My Broadband.
Multichoice, for example, was fined R20,000 by the BCCSA in June for mistakenly labeling a vampire movie 'PG13' on its electronic programme guide (EPG) instead of its actual rating of 18VL. The on-screen advisory on the film, Daybreakers on M-Net, was correctly labeled 18VL.