Intel stays with set-tops

21.16 Europe/London, October 12, 2011 By Julian Clover

Intel is to remain a supplier of processors to the set-top box sector following its decision to abandon the connected TV market.

Staff within the companyís Digital Home Group are being reassigned to concentrate on tablets and smartphones.
Among the high profile clients for Intelís range Atom chips are Liberty Global, which will deploy them in UPCís much-touted Horizon box. The company has also secured a contract at Comcast, where Pace will incorporate the chips within its Xfinity home gateway.
Horizon is being manufactured by Samsung, one of the television manufacturers targeted by Intel, but like Panasonic it also manufactures its own chips.
The Google TV boxes also include an Intel chip, but many of these have remained on the shelf. The Boxee box also has the Atcom chip inside, as has the Metrological Yuixx box from the Netherlands.