Macedonian telco opts for three-screen

07.12 Europe/London, October 13, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

IP&TV Forum EurAsiaEastEurope2011 – ISTANBUL. The Macedonian incumbent Makedonski Telekom is now pursuing a three-screen strategy.
It has also launched a new eight-channel package targeting the country’s Albanian minority.
According to Ognen Firfov, chief sales director at the telco, the Magyar Telekom (and therefore Deutsche Telekom)-backed company launched its web TV service in November 2010.
Available only in Macedonia, it offers viewers 30 channels and has between 20,000-45,000 visits a day.
This contrasts with its IPTV operation, which offers 110 channels to 35,000 subscribers and mobile TV offer, currently consisting of seven channels and available only on variable bitrates.
Makedonski Telekom has positioned itself in a premium provider in a market in which it faces strong competition from both the cable operator Telekabel and DTT platform One, the latter of which is owned by Telekom Slovenije.