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Thread: Which receiver to buy?

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    Which receiver to buy?

    Hi, which receiver is a better receiver, Openbox S9 HD or S10 HD? How does the AzBox compare to those receivers? Can they all decrypt biss? Can I go wrong with either one?

    Thanks much!

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    I see no one replayed, and the post is starting to be old.
    Probably, for your question, you can find the answer in a review article of those receivers.
    I don't think you can find a user who have all three receivers and can make a compassion for you.

    I have OpenBox S9. It's ok. Very simple usage: scan the channels, insert C-line in the menu using remote and.... it's working. For a firmware update you should put new firmware on the memory stick, insert stick in the receivers's USB and.... upgrade. For PVR you need to use a memory stick or USB HDD connected tot the USB of the receiver and.... that's it. No need to install plugins, configuration or other stuff. Very simple usage.

    I did not try to decode BiSS with this receiver. There is a PC interface and through FTP you can transfer SoftCAM.key and so i guess probably BiSS is working.

    Regarding the OpenBox S10, basically is the same thing but they say that suffered some modification in order to be faster and cheaper (Much smaller, compact casing, accurate blindscan, quick channel changes, replaceable tuner module, improved v3 remote control, new GUI, lower price). I see that scart is gone and the composite video out so probably this is one of the thing that make it cheaper. I did not test any S10 so i do not know what to say, you should read a review.

    Regarding AZbox, i cant say anithing. Did not have, did not see.

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