CTV taps untrained TV addicts as advertising consultants

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 14-10-2011

CTV Advertising is looking to gain new insights into the connected TV market by utilising outside marketing consultants that are hired not based on their pedigrees or marketing prowess, but on level of TV usage and consumption.
For CTV, the aim is the bigger the TV addict, the better. This new team of ‘Couch Consultants’ is going to be used to explore opportunities for deeper advertising and focused, dynamic targeting. And the company will aim to contradict received wisdom about the lack of firms seeking to exploit connected TV opportunities.

These couch potatoes will be paired up with more traditional marketing strategists to work on specific connected TV advertising campaigns and TV app development that takes into account the widespread content and enhanced personalisation opportunities that are becoming available at TV watchers.
Couch Consultants will be selected according to factors such as average hours of television watched per week, most utilised companion applications, secondary activities pursued while watching and a wide range of secondary factors.
"We want the people who watch hours of television a day to tell us what they personally want out of not just programming, but what advertisements would best relate to their viewing experiences,” said CEO Zachary Weiner. “It's not just about marketing strategy and advertising placement, it's about intrinsically knowing the consumer at the personal level. It's about deeply understanding how the most loyal TV watcher interacts, and who knows that better than the consumer themselves?"
CTV calls the new hires “brave new, and often sedentary, marketing consultants.”
"If a client wants to develop a sports app for connected TV or run an advertising campaign in the sports world, we want research from a sports fanatic who currently utilises a multitude of sports apps,” explained Weiner. “We want the exact guy (or girl) who watches hours of sports a day and not faceless study participants. I also know that any sports marketer won't understand this person's true behavior as they always have a business oriented view skewing their perspective."