Brazilians warm up to OTT 3D VOD

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 14-10-2011

Explore 3D, the 3D video content app that Samsung has been installing in its latest generation of connected TVs, has been used in Brazil more than in any other Latin American country.

Although it was officially announced in May, the app has actually been available on the SmartHub interface of Samsung's newest Smart 3D LED and plasma screens since March 2011.
By clicking on it, viewers gain access to a catalogue of free 3D high-definition (HD) recorded content hosted on the cloud – which makes the service fall into de over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) categories.
Among the 3D content available at the moment (less than 100 videos in total) there are animated movie trailers, Imax documentaries, cartoons, music videos and recorded concerts.
Since its activation over six months ago, the app has been accessed 45,000 times from Brazil, according to Dutch research firm Telecompaper. In second and third place within South America came, respectively, Colombian and Chilean owners of these exclusive flat screen models.
Still, Latin America represented only a very small portion of the total clicks enjoyed by Explore 3D around the world. In fact, just three months after having gone live, the Samsung app was being launched an average of 50,000 times a day globally (in other words, more times in a single day than the cumulative views generated from Brazil in half a year).
Worldwide, the 3D app – which operates out of Rovi Corporation's OTT platform – has been accessed over five million times.
When it announced it in May, Samsung promised that "paid content from major studios" and "feature films" would be added to the 3D service at some point this year. At least at the moment, that hasn't happened.