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Thread: Problems logging on.

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    Problems logging on.

    Hi i wonder if somebody from admin can look into my problem. When i try to log on to the forum at the beginning it accepts my userid and password ok. I then get a message saying REDIRECTING and thank you for logging on etc but then it crashes everytime. ie it says NOT RESPONDING. But when i logon to different part of the forum ie RECEIVER section etc i can logon as normal and it work ok. I find it odd that i can logon to different parts of the forum but not the initial page. I have pc running windows xp. This problem has only occured in the last month or so. I would appreciate if somebody can tell me what the problem is. My account name is Zanny24 . Regards.

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    Re: Problems logging on.

    I don't know which type of browser you use. But it is maybe a problem of the cookies stored for SatSupreme. Try it by deleting the cookies for SatSupreme...

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    Re: Problems logging on.

    Hi Andrushenka thanks for your reply. I am not a computer expert but i believe the browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. I have also used Google and Yahoo but problem still appeared. I will try to delete the cookies as you have suggested and let you know. Like i said i find it very strange that you can logon in certain sections of this forum but not the main page. Thanks again.

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