Hi all,

Trying to scan in Satellite's with low sig quality
with Protek 9760HD ip. with no luck.
The best Signal quality I can pickup is 50%, and
thats on good Sats like 28e..19e..13e. with
my new out the box Protek.

So looking for a New Channel list to see if it will help
pull in other Sats I am unable to scan in.

have took box back to supersatstore to be tested on there
1m Dish, same result (50% Sig Quality) on 26e..18e..13e.

Bought an inline amplifier at Maplins to up Proteks signal
but have been told, (On my 5m coax cable run) it would not help.

On my loop through STB (Humax 2000HD) I recieve a Sig Quality
of 82% on Thor 0.8w.
On the protek 9760HD ip the Sig Quality is 30% Black screen
on 75% of channels.


80cm dish
Humax 5400ip
Humax HD2000
Fortec Star Passion plus
Diablo cam 2
Dragon 4.1 cam
Cas3 Prog
gold card
D2mac box.
Film net decoder for D2mac 99 15 years ago.