TDN to transmit the Panamerican Games

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 15-10-2011

Mexican TDN and TDN HD channels will cover the 16th Panamerican Games taking place in Guadalajara (Mexico) with the participation of 42 American countries, 26 olympic sports, 10 Panamerican sports, more than 40 places and a total of 5,700 athletes.
The Games start today, and will run until 30 October.
Broadcasters from all over the world, especially from the Latin countries, including Spain, will cover the event. Also internet portals like Spanish Telefˇnica's Terra will transmit the games live and in HDTV. Terra is deploying 13 transmission channels with a total of 200 broadcasting hours, although these transmissions are not valid for Spain. Nevertheless Mexico's Azteca TV is to transmit them for the whole world including Spain.