ET9x00 HDF-Team Image v4.2 based on OpenPLi2.1 on 16/10/2011

Clark-tech ET9x00 HDF Team Image v4.2 based as always on the proven PLi 2.1.
Et9x00 folder on a USB stick unpack, plug in and reboot the receiver.
Anyone who has problems should try flashing the folder on the USB stick to rename in 'ET9X00 "(capital X).
The plugin "Auto Install" should be disabled in the old image and it should not use old backups on disk or flash drive to be present. Otherwise will be automatically restored.
For the image of the current boot loader is needed. The original boot loader from here: [url] ... 3625-boot loader [/ url]
In principle, there is an updated HDF 4.1 on the new structure with current updates and drivers.
If the setup is no tuning done a prepared list of channels is included.

Instructions for use:
Red - Timer Editor
Red Cross - free (multi-button quick change over)
Green - submenu subchannels
Green Cross - free (multi-button quick change over)
Yellow - free (multi-button quick change over)
Long Yellow - free (multi-button quick change over)
Blue - Extensions
Blue Cross - Plugins
Info - current channel EPG
Info Cross - Cool Single Guide
Guide - Cool Multi Guide
Guide long - Cool Easy Guide
Exit - Virtual Zap with PIP
Channel + / - quick zap
D-pad up / down - Channel Selection
D-pad left / right - quick zap
<> - Zap-History
File List - Movie List
Playlist - Media Player
Timeshift - timeshift starts immediately
VKEY - access to various installed Plugins
VKEY long - TV plugin Charts
Mark - Timer Editor
Search - EPG of current transmitter
Pip - Pip and Pip Zap mode selection

- Changes OpenPLi 2.1 [url] # / OpenPLi [/ url]!
- Enigma2: [url] ... gma2 a = shortlog [/ url]
- OpenEmbedded: [url] ... dded a = shortlog [/ url]
- Plugins: [url] ... gins, a = shortlog [/ url]

contained plugins / addons:
- SHOUTcast recording with a functioning
- Multi QuickButton current version, adapted slightly
- YTTrailer (TV, text, radio button in the EPG Overview -> Info button to see trailer for the current EPG entry)
- Youtube player (also as a basis for YTTrailer)
- Sports portal (Formula 1 and football)
- Live football
- Dream Explorer
- InfoBarTunerState
- Menusort
- DTS downmix plugin
- TV charts (current rates of TV Charts Users)
- Weather Plugin (Foreca, weather information)
- Bitrate Viewer (long red and VKEY)
- Multi Cool Guide 5.0.0
- Oscam-experimental with prepared configs for the Card Reader

Current boot loader must be installed.
The boot loader is here: [url] ... 3625- bootloader [/ url]
Bootloader in Appendix download and install a USB stick as an image. The boot loader in the appendix is ​​the current loader et9x00 support.