Cablevisión ready to enter OTT arena in 2012

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 17-10-2011

Argentine MSO Cablevisión, the country's largest pay-TV operator, is planning to launch an over-the-top (OTT) online video service next year.
The new product, which the cableco will hope will help it fight off stiff competition from the likes of Cuevana and Netflix, will be part of an aggressive, US$1 billion investment programme for the next four years.
Speaking in Mar del Plata to national newspaper El Cronista during the 47th Colloquium organised by the Institute for the Entrepreneurial Development of Argentina (IDEA), Cablevisión's CEO Carlos Moltini said that the company's total investment over the next four years could actually be as high as US$ 1.2 billion.
The announcement is significant given that the cable operator is controlled by Grupo Clarín, which has been at odds with the national government practically ever since Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – who is on the verge of being re-elected this weekend – became president in 2007.
"The new Media Law and the persecution that we have been subjected to from the Government won't prevent us from further improving our services, just as we have been doing since 2006," Moltino was quoted as stating.
Besides launching an OTT service, other goals that Cablevisión will be looking to address by injecting fresh funds include expanding its HFC network (which currently covers nearly 100 cities and towns in 12 different provinces throughout Argentina), accelerating its network digitisation process and introducing other new digital products.
Indeed, one of the first such new products will be video on demand (VOD), which the MSO expects to launch during the first half of 2012. According the El Cronista, the service will support all four of VOD's key access modes: transaction (TVOD), subscription (SVOD), Catch-up TV and free VOD.