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    There are satellite 22W Broadcasts Transference Very interesting Now This DVB-S2
    The broadcasts are frequency V 11684 - 7500 2:3 BISS encryption
    I have Two TS files With you are interested in I will put them Site UPLOAD
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    Re: Nhl feed 22w

    I just registered on this nice forum so first of all i want to say hello to all members ,

    second one, i saw that feeds for NHL still active on 22w, transp 11666 and 11675 polH SR7500, but i cant decoding, i tried with B8hx00h and B8hxFFh and the CW was not found

    i asume that i need it an Plain type B8hx030000h

    am i right?


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    Re: Nhl feed 22w

    11667 h 7500 9/10 s2
    nhl highlights
    cw: 06 06 13 1f ff 66 04 69

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