Grupo Vocento's La 10 DTT platform for rent

Ińaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 19-10-2011

Leading Spanish media group, Grupo Vocento, has made available for rent allocated spectrum belonging to its struggling La 10.
Barely a year old, the channel has never taken off on Spain’s national DTT network and is reportedly being eyed up by companies such as football giants Real Madrid as well as more traditional TV firms in the form of Viacom, Disney's ESPN and Fox.
According to the newspaper 'El Economista' Real Madrid wants to transmit its programming in the clear on DTT and aspires to add an advertising stream to its existing pay-TV operations. Yet the problem may be that Real Madrid TV might not have enough compelling content for a broad audience in order to make it profitable in terms of advertising incomes.

Taking the of Barcelona against Real is Disney's ESPN which coincidentally already broadcasts on the Vocento's mux thanks to the 20% of stake it has in Vocento's TV company Net TV. Making thing s more complicated is MTV's Viacom who also has an agreement with Vocento to provide content to one of its channels. For its part Fox has negotiated with Unidad Editorial's Veo 7 in the past and it looks very likely the company will try the same this time.
However, analysts in Spain regard the possibility of launching a sporting channel in the place of La 10 as very high.