Zee TV to launch OTT package with Siemens

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 19-10-2011

Indian media company Zee Entertainment is to launch a multi-screen TV offering in collaboration with international technology company Siemens for connected TV sets, tablet-PCs, smartphones and other multimedia devices.
In contrast to conventional TV packages, the service dubbed Ditto TV will not use classic broadcast infrastructures such as cable, satellite or DTT, but the open internet to get to viewers' TV screens.
Through the over-the-top solution (OTT), Zee Entertainment will be able to directly reach its audience without having to work out carriage deals with platform operators. The technical foundation will be the OTT system "TV Everywhere" developed by Siemens Communications, Media and Technology (CMT). A long-term partnership was signed with the company, which is part of Siemens AG Austria, to develop and establish OTT services worldwide.
Ditto TV will contain more than 100 TV channels and thousands of hours of on-demand content in HD quality. The service will be offered in all markets in which Zee Entertainment is present: India, USA, UK and the United Arab Emirates.
Siemens will provide Zee Entertainment with an end-to-end technology solution including content processing, aggregation, protection and delivery. No additional hardware is required for reception: The functions of set-top boxes are taken over by browser and apps.

Through Siemens' "Swipe" technology, the user can direct the currently active content to another device at the touch of a finger - and continue viewing seamlessly. The user interface is automatically scaled to fit all devices.
The system supports reception devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, connected TV sets and set-top-boxes. In addition to live-TV, video-on-demand and time-shifted TV, the system also allows pay-TV and pay-per-view. A recommendation engine suggests personalised highlights to the viewer.
"With Ditto TV, based on the OTT-solution from Siemens CMT, we open up a completely new TV experience to our viewers throughout world", said Vishal Malhotra, Business Head, Digital Media at Zee Entertainment. "TV and content can be enjoyed regardless of the device - be it PCs, Connected TVs, tablets or on mobile phones which are wide-spread, especially in India."