I have ahardware problem.
Althoughall my AV equipment is on surge protector. Lightning fried all myHDMI devices. AV receiver with HDMI, PC with HDMI, DM800HD, DVDplayer, projector, all devices HDMI ports are gone all otherfunctions working fine.

The DM800HD works fine but only with scart output. DVI/HDMI output is dead.
Readingmore into HDMI i have realized that manufacturers do not install fullsurge protection circuitry into HDMY PHY.. long story short my DM800HD is crippled.
All mycables between devices are HDMI.

I lookedinto the chip on this device its Broadcom BCM7401. The HDMI PHY isbuilt in.
As faras I can see I need to replace the CPU with a new one.

Any onehad any such problem suggestions?

I doneed to find exactly which model of the BCM7401 to order there seemsto be 3 versions on the market. Most popular one is BCM7401ZKPB1G.This is a BGA chip so I need a profestional soldering station to getit replaced it is not a easy job to be done at home.