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Thread: Legalities of CS in Spain

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    Legalities of CS in Spain

    Does anyone know exactly where the law stands on cs in Spain for sly uk?
    As sly do not have any official agreement with Spain (like sly germany, sly Italy) could they actually prosecute anyone using a cs service via eastern european server?
    Sly have over 3 million subscribers in Spain ALL who have to pay via a UK account.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Legalities of CS in Spain

    I do not know the exact legal situation in Spain.

    But I think you must first make a distinction between private (or Hobby) and commercial use of Cardsharing. I do not think that private use will lead to penal prosecution.

    Then you have to distinguish between the case where the provider is located in the country you do the cardsharing or if he is not present in this country. In the last case, it is difficult to manage legally by the broadcasters as these signals are accessed from a country outside the broadcasting country where they have no license in airing the TV signals, hence can not file any legal case.

    I do not think that actually these 3 million subscribers you mention are legal, because the provider normally does not have the copyrights for another country than the one he has its normal activity. However, on this point the European Court of Justice recently did a judgement which might have consequences in this area (see attachment).
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    Re: Legalities of CS in Spain

    3 million subscribers in Spain??? sky only have 8.5 million subs. are you saying that a third are in Spain??? i very much doubt it.

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    Re: Legalities of CS in Spain

    Thanks for the reply, Sly will never admit to the subscribers in Spain as they know they are paying from UK accounts and as you said in your previous post, they are not legally allowed subscribers there.
    They announced over 10 million subscribers last November I will check the stats on the number of boxes in Spain but bear in mind almost every British bar has at least one box.

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    Re: Legalities of CS in Spain

    yes but most British bars use CS

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