DVB approves next step for 3D TV delivery

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 20-10-2011

It may be struggling to gain a foothold to capture customers, but 3D delivery has likely been boosted considerably with the news that the DVB Steering Board has approved the commercial requirements for a second 3DTV delivery system.
The so called ‘Service Compatible’ solution, termed DVB-3DTV 'Phase 2a, is required by content deliverers so that both 2D and 3D versions of a programme can be broadcast within the same video signal. The net result is that new 3D TVs and next-generation STBs can receive 3D programmes, while consumers with existing 2D HDTV receivers and set-top boxes can watch the 2D version. This 2D picture will form either the left or right image of the 'stereo pair'.
The DVB Steering Board approved the 'Frame Compatible', specification for a first phase 3DTV delivery system In February 2011 and the DVB claims that this approach is now a principal system in use for 3DTV delivery throughout the world.

“Since 2009, the DVB leads the world in working on 3DTV delivery formats. The Frame Compatible system works very well and delivers good quality 3DTV,” commented David Wood, Chairman of the DVB Commercial Module for 3DTV.
Going forward, the DVB Technical Module has been asked to complete the preparation of the specification for Phase 2a before the end of summer 2012. Phase 2a will provide additional opportunities for 3DTV services, complementing the first specification, which is referred to now for convenience as 3DTV Phase 1