Channel 4 reveals first sponsors to use new interactive ads

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 20-10-2011

Leading food giants Mikado and McCain have been revealed as the first brands to take advantage of the recently introduced new interactive ad formats from Channel 4.
Mikado will run advertisements using the new Ad Bloom format which allows the advert to evolve from an in-player ad pre roll and grow out into a microsite within the player. The new format will include teaser video clips, Facebook links and editorial content on the different variants of the brand and has the option of being populated with content videos, product features and photos.
All the information will be housed within a bespoke microsite which sits within the player of 4oD, the UK’s fourth national broadcaster’s video on demand service 4oD player. The result of using such technology on the campaign salted to run throughout October and November 2011 on 4oD, says Channel 4’s Future and Digital Media Ad Sales team, will drive brand exposure and dwell time.
Explaining the on the new possibilities to be drawn from the interactive technology, Charlotte Clayton, Media Manager at PHD, the media agency who represent both brands said: 'Mikado needs to utilise digital platforms that enable it to showcase multiple creative executions alongside driving increased brand awareness through interaction. The launch of the Channel 4 Ad Bloom format signifies a step change in the way consumers view and interact with content online. It's an innovative format that offers a perfect platform to showcase our product creatively, as well as offering a high level of brand engagement.'
By contrast McCain will be the first brand to run an advertisement using the new Ad Social format, which offers a pre roll experience that drives awareness in social media - by offering viewers the opportunity to show their appreciation for, check in with, recommend, or follow a brand, from the 4oD player. The McCain Ad Social campaign will also run throughout October, on 4oD.
The creative suite of four new ad formats is designed to complement Channel 4’s Ad Elect proposition which launched in December 2010 and offers users a choice between two different adverts, which drives engagement as viewers are able to choose the ad most relevant to them. Brands that have carried campaigns through this format include Red Bull, L'Oreal, Cadburys, Marks and Spencer, HTC and Adidas.