DVB approves final component of next-gen interactive satellite standard

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 20-10-2011

The DVB Steering Board has granted approved the third and final part of the DVB-RCS2 suite of specifications for the second-generation DVB interactive satellite system.
The DVB group says that the section on management and control gives excellent guidelines for a satellite communications network management system and may be the basis for a specified solution for managing DVB interactive satellite networks.

Complementing the already-ratified Lower Layers Satellite (LLS) standard, Part 3 addresses the Higher Layers for Satellite Specification (HLS) starting from the IP Layer and concerns the use of virtual satellite networks, virtual satellite operators and network layer functions including Quality of Service, routing functions, IPv6 and various network interfaces.
The major benefits of the new specification include significantly increased satellite link performance, the option for much lower cost terminals and new markets, while even improving the already powerful flexibility of the first generation RCS system.
The DVB-RCS2 suite of specifications will now join the other two parts in the ETSI approval process with the suite expected to be released by ETSI in January 2012 to complete the second-generation DVB Interactive Satellite System specifications.
“These specifications come as a result of market demand. Their release is timely as there is significant momentum in the satellite communications domain. Interest from the governmental sector is also significant,” commented Harald Skinnemoen, Chairman of the DVB Technical Module for RCS.