México launches DTT channel public consultation

Within the next days, the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Commission will launch a public consultation process with the purpose of defining the bid specifications for two free-to-air digital TV channels, according to what Mony de Swaan, president of the aforementioned commission confirmed.

The official stated that the process is aimed at determining the market appetite of these new channels, and there were regional or national chains interested, among other doubts such agency officials have, according to what Vanguardia newspaper disclosed. Likewise, De Swaan stated that there are “real possibilities” to start the bidding process before Felipe Calderón’s term finishes in 2012.

De Swaan also stated that such consultation process may take up a month and that it is part of the agency full agreement, as well as the revision of the market study that gave birth to this program and the juridical aspect strengthening.
In the meantime, at present, Mexico is holding discussions about DTT multiprogramming. Mexican Deputies have already expressed the need to charge chains fees for the possibility of broadcasting new channels, something that has been discarded by De Swaan.

As of June, Mexico recorded 224 authorized DTT channels, according to what President Calderón informed through the Fifth Report of the Government.