Canal NHK World TV wants to grow in Latin America to launch its Spanish version

The Japanese channel NHK World TV, broadcasted in English, in moving forward in Latin America with a multiscreen strategy that includes its broadcasting through Pay-TV systems and live streaming in PCs and applications for iPhones and iPads. The objective of the company is to increase its presence in the region with the purpose of launching its Spanish version within the next years.

NHK World is the international TV service provided by the only Japanese public radiobroadcasting network, NHK (Radiobroadcasting Corporation of Japan). The network offers national and international news and last news about Asia from different perspectives. At present, about 100,000 households of the region have access to the channel through Pay-TV systems, according to calculations made by Miyuki Nomura, NHK World consulting company jointly with Tsuginori Ikedo, representative for Latin America. NHK World is available in free-to-air for Latin America in Intelsat 9 satellite. The service has been operational in the region since more than a year ago.

“The idea is to grow in our Latin American broadcasting first, so as to later launch our Spanish versión cannel, which we forecast may reach the region after 2013″, executives confirmed NexTV Latam over the curse of Jornadas 2011, held in Argentina. Since March 2011, NHK World TV is present in 137 million households, in about 120 countries worldwide.

The company also relies on the channel NHK World Premium, a 24-hour service in Japanese targeted to such country community in the region, which includes series, children, sport, cultural and entertainment programs. This channel is present in about 400,000 Latin American households, according to what Nomura disclosed.