Film Four & Film Four +1: 21-10-11

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11:00Heaven Can Wait[SUB HD]
A roguish playboy dies and goes to Hell, but the Devil is not convinced he has sinned enough or has the right wicked credentials to merit entry. This prompts the old rascal to recount the story of his outrageously immoral life, from stealing his cousin's fiancee to meddling in his son's romance with a singer. Fantasy comedy, starring Don Ameche, Laird Cregar, Gene Tierney and Spring ByingtonFilm/Fantasy/Comedy

13:10How to Marry a Millionaire[SUB AD HD]
Three manipulative gold-diggers rent a luxurious New York apartment as part of a scheme to get their claws into wealthy husbands - but their plans become unstuck when they start to fall for their targets. Comedy, starring Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, William Powell, Cameron Mitchell, David Wayne, Rory Calhoun and Fred ClarkFilm/Comedy

15:00The Sea Chase[SUB AD]
The captain of a ramshackle German freighter is nearing the end of his tour of duty. He finds getting his vessel home safely is hampered by a pursuing British warship whose commander is determined to avenge the murder of a fisherman. Second World War adventure, with John Wayne, Lana Turner, David Farrar and Lyle BettgerFilm/Adventure/War

17:15Murder at the Gallop[SUB BW HD]
Miss Marple focuses her powers of deduction on the case of an elderly and wealthy recluse, who was apparently frightened to death by a cat. But the inquisitive spinster's suspicions are aroused when she learns four of the dead man's relatives stand to benefit from his demise. Mystery, starring Margaret Rutherford, Flora Robson, Robert Morley, Stringer Davis and Charles TingwellFilm/Mystery

18:55That Thing You Do![SUB HD]
A small-town beat combo become a national overnight sensation with their debut record - but their sudden success looks to be a one-off, leaving them struggling to find a way of repeating the formula. Comedy drama set in the 1960s, written and directed by Tom Hanks, who also appears as the band's manager. With Tom Everett Scott, Liv Tyler and Johnathon SchaechFilm/General Movie/Drama/Comedy

21:00Definitely, Maybe[SUB AD HD]
A New York advertising executive on the eve of his divorce tells his daughter about his love life before he was married, including how he met her mother. However, he changes the names of his former lovers, leaving the girl - and viewers - to guess which one of three women he ended up marrying. Romantic comedy, starring Ryan Reynolds and Elizabeth Banks, with Abigail Breslin, Rachel Weisz and Isla FisherFilm/Comedy

23:10Night Watch[HD]
Two factions of mystical beings are engaged in a cold war on the streets of Moscow, which the human populace remain unaware of. A boy is discovered who has the power to bring their ancient rivalry to a decisive conclusion, but an uneasy truce is shattered as each side battles to make sure the child chooses to join them. Fantasy thriller, starring Konstantin Khabensky and Galina Tyunina. In RussianFilm/Fantasy

01:25Day Watch[HD]
Troubled hero Anton tries to redeem his son, who has fallen in with the forces of darkness, but his efforts lead to him being framed for breaking a centuries-long truce and marked for death. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for an ancient mystical artefact that could bring the conflict between light and dark to an end. The sequel to Russian fantasy Night Watch, starring Konstantin Khabensky and Mariya Poroshina. In RussianFilm/Fantasy