Integrated TV, film online office aims to turn obstacles into opportunities

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 21-10-2011

After three years of development, has launched an integrated studio office system designed to offer TV and film companies access to producers, sales agents, distributors, and financiers worldwide.
The idea is the brainchild of Jasmin Prosser, Studio Beyond’s founder and CEO who described the online product as “Facebook for the film industry”.

But it’s beyond even that, Prosser assured: “It’s a commercial outlet with a fully-fledged online studio office which provides a ‘360-degree’ service in-which anyone from talent seeking employment to producers seeking funding to distributors seeking content (and everyone in-between) can connect with each-other and start doing business online. We are fully committed to supporting emerging talent, and believe that creativity should not be hindered by barriers or connections, and that creativity understands only one language: self-expression.”
The virtual office environment is claimed to offer instant access to, and interaction with, every facet of the film and television industry enabling executives to identify new projects and business opportunities, and removing the need for creative to find the resources to cover the expense of mailing pitches, scripts, and screeners. Moreover, the company insists that the ability to host online screenings means the end of screeners and screening rooms.