Hello, this is the first time I am posting here since I registered last year.
I've had my Spiderbox HD 9000 receiver for 1 year and 4 months. A few days ago my satellite receiver totally broke down, as in, it works, but the receiver wouldn't catch any signal at all on neither satellites. 2 sat technicians came to my house today and found out that the problem wasn't in my dish, but the problem was in my Spiderbox as when we plugged the old Technomate 1000-D receiver the channels were working and it was picking up signal.

Anyway, they told me that they will try to repair that receiver, but in case they're unsuccessful in repairing it, I must buy a new receiver.

Now I need a receiver that can do exactly the same functions as the Spiderbox HD 9000 such as supporting HD. This time I would look forward to buying something with 1080P HD since the old one had only 1080i support. A receiver that also supports Card Sharing functionality, Softcam (via USB), etc.

Which receiver should I buy? I am a bit hesitant to buy a Spiderbox again in case it breaks down in a year again. So I am thinking about buying a receiver somewhere around the price of 150 but something that's reliable.

I was looking between Technomate TM5402 HD Super LAN and BLADE HD BM7000-S both support 1080P HD and card sharing. Which do you think would be best out of them two? And if they're not the best ones, what other receiver would you recommend similar to these.