Orange TV launches dedicated 3D TV magazine

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 22-10-2011

French IPTV platform Orange TV is coproducing a new TV magazine to be shot in stereoscopic 3D dedicated to the world of the third dimension itself.
In association with Troisičme Śil Productions, the new half-hour programme, entitled Mag3D, will be the first one entirely dedicated to this technology in France. It will offer a range of topics to inform, educate and entertain the viewer about 3D, including new film releases, sports events, documentaries, video games etc. The Mag3D website will also allow users to experience visual aspects that are “both impressive and interesting” according to Orange.
The first show will air on November 28th on Orange TV’s 3D dedicated channel 30, which is accessible to all Orange high-speed broadband customers who have HD TV over fibre optics, IPTV or satellite and a 3D TV set. Mag3D will also be available on the DailyMotion 3D channel, on PC, mobile and on video-on-demand free of charge.

Since its first experiment in 3D for the Roland-Garros French International Tennis Open, in 2008, Orange has opened a 3D event channel that broadcasts 3D sport (Roland Garros, Premier League, the World Surfing Championships), films and even Albert de Monaco’s wedding last Summer.
Orange, which claims 15 000 subs to its 3D offer wants to promote 3D among TV viewers, as all IPTV platforms push this technology to commercialised high-speed broadband and FTTH among subscribers.
3D Television has not taken off yet in France, with only 150,000 3D TV sets sold in 2010, and 900,000 expected in 2011.
Besides, among 3D TV sets owners, many come to 3D shows for a few minutes before getting back to 2D TV. Some suppliers are quite disappointed by this lack of interest and could challenge the future of their 3D channels beyond 2012.