DM 7020HD firmware update via browser

What you need to update the firmware:
You need a current image. Such an image for the DM 7020 HD has the extension *. NFI.
It is not possible, another image type like *. TXT to be ingested!
Please do not try, it does not work.
You still need a DHCP server on your network, or an intact boot loader:
a null modem serial cable and a terminal program like Hyper Terminal.
You need a browser and a network cable. Connect your Dreambox directly to a PC you need a "crossover" (twisted) network cable to connect your box via a switch / hub / router you need a "Non-Cross" (not twisted) cable network.
To import a new image to the Dreambox, you must have the "2nd stage" loader to be present and undamaged.
The next steps are for a network with a DHCP server running.

- Turn the Dreambox, please use this menu item "Down Now" from the Shutdown / Standby menu (Deep-Standby mode) or by turning off the switch box at the back of the box. The standby mode is not enough!

(1) Press the Power button (1) on the front panel and hold it.
(2) Turn the Dreambox via the switch on the rear chassis.
(3) It should be the text "*** STOP ***" (3) appear in the display. Appears something like "/ flash" ..
the display, you do not hold the right button.
Now you can leave the Power button (1) get rid of.
The bootloader is now in "wait mode".
(4) Above the "*** STOP ***" (3) in the text should now display an IP address (2) appear.
(four decimal places, separated by a dot). Is still "DHCP" instead of a
IP address is displayed, the box is still looking for a DHCP server. Please wait shortly.
Should be displayed for a short time an IP address, check
Please indicate your DHCP server settings and the wiring of your network.

- Now open a browser on your PC.
(1) Enter the IP address into the browser address field, "http://ip/" one.
(enter the IP address displayed in the display of the box).
- (2) Press to select "firmware upgrade" of the displayed page in the browser.

- On the next page you can select the desired image you want to play in the box. Click here on "Browse"

Please note the file extension *. nfi, play on other images is not possible (NO *. img)!

- Click on the selection of images to select "FLASH!" and please wait until the image has been completely transferred and flashed.

- Switch the box off and then use it on again.
The new operating software should now be recorded and boot up.