Q'viva! The Chosen seals deals with Univision, Televisa & Caracol

Iaki Ferreras RapidTVNews | 23-10-2011

XIX Entertainment, the production company of Simon Fuller, Jennifer Lpez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King, in collaboration with BlackBerry, has signed agreements with US's Univision, Mexico's Televisa and Colombia's Caracol TV for the broadcasting of 'Q'viva! The Chosen' show.
The new programme will search for Latin American entertainers, who will be brought to the US to create a Latin American live show, featuring world-class singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and other performers.
The show will be promoted via social networks such as Facebook, and will also be transmitted on YouTube.
A total of 21 countries will be covered by the show and it will be offered in Spanish, English and Portuguese as one of Latin America's biggest events.