US online video users watch 19.5 hours a month

10.18 Europe/London, October 24, 2011 By Robert Briel

182 million US internet users watched online video content in September for an average of 19.5 hours per viewer, according to comScore. This equals 85.3% of the US internet audience viewing online video.

The total US internet audience engaged in 39.8 billion video views. The duration of the average online content video was 5.3 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.
Although it is difficult to compare the two surveys, these figures from comScore seem to point at higher online video usage than the State of the Media survery from Nielsen, that reports only about half of all US viewers (not just internet users) watch online video.

Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in September with 161 million unique viewers, while Vevo ranked second with 57.3 million. Microsoft sites climbed to the #3 position with 54 million viewers, followed by Viacom Digital with 53.4 million and with 49.9 million.
Nearly 40 billion videos views occurred during the month, with Google sites generating the highest number at 18.6 billion. The average viewer watched a record 19.5 hours of online video content, with Google Sites (6.3 hours) also demonstrating the highest engagement.
September marks the second month of official rankings for comScore YouTube partner reporting within the Video Metrix offering, providing a comparison of viewership across thousands of YouTube partners and their channels.
The data revealed that video music channels Vevo (57.3 million viewers) and Warner Music (28.8 million viewers) maintained the top two positions. Gaming channel Machinima ranked third with 17 million viewers, followed by Maker Studios with 9 million, Demand Media with 6.8 million and Revision3 with 5.4 million.
Within the top 10 partners, Machinima demonstrated the highest engagement with 61.9 minutes per viewer on average, while accounting for the second most videos viewed (249 million) after Vevo.