Russia holds DVB-T2 talks

09.57 Europe/London, October 24, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Alexei Malinin, the deputy head of Russia’s Ministry of Communications, has met with Stan Baayens, the CEO and owner of Funke Digital TV, to discuss the advantages of the DVB-T2 standard.
In a statement issued by the ministry, it says that Baayens described the experience of the company with DVB-T2.
Also discussed was the problem of interference between digital signals and LTE networks if they are employing the same frequencies and the possibility of pairing LTE and TV broadcasting to mobile devices.
Following the meeting, Malinin said that the ministry received additional conformation of the correctness of its position (in opting for DVB-T2).
He added that an important feature of DVB-T2 is that it gives the opportunity to provide government services electronically.