KPN signs exclusive Spotify premium deal

09.19 Europe/London, October 24, 2011 By Robert Briel

KPN has signed an agreement with Spotify to become the exclusive representative of the service in the Netherlands. The Dutch incumbent will give away the Spotify premium service for free to its top-tier triple play customers.

The Swedish online music service Spotify is available for free in its basic form to all with versions for Mac, PC amnd Android, but the Spotify Premium service is available on a subscription basis only.
The normal retail price in Holland is 9.99 monthly, but KPN will give it away with its Extra or Premium (copper DSL) and Silver or Gold (FTTH) packages which start at 55 a month.
In October 2009, Spotify signed an agreement with Swedish incumbent Telia to become the sole operator in Sweden to sell and market the service in that country.
Spotify is available in nine countries, the US, UK, sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain and the Netherlands. The service has 10 million registered users and two million premium subscribers.