Pay TV to subsidise Australian patient record system

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 25-10-2011

Revenue from commercial pay TV and movie services will subsidise South Australia's new hospital digital patient record system.
Launching the system, Health Minister John Hill said it was intended "to provide a clinical workstation for doctors and nurses and help standardise and improve clinical work practices across the whole health system". Telstra will install about 3,500 17-inch touch-screen bedside computers in 12 of the state's hospitals, through a joint investment with the South Australian government, reports The Australian.
The state government has contributed A$36.7m to the system's roll-out, under an 8.5-year agreement with Telstra, following a tender process last year.
Telstra declined to reveal details of its investment in the service, but has confirmed its business model requires the carrier to recoup its investment through patients’ payments for use of BigPond internet services and on-demand movies, and Foxtel and Austar entertainment packages.
“Charges from the Telstra Bedside Unit go towards the services to the unit including telephone, internet, pay TV, movies on demand and provisioning,” a Telstra spokesman said.