M6 Replay attracts over half of catch-up TV users

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 25-10-2011

M6 catch-up TV service M6 Replay is attracting 56.1% of French catch-up TV users, whatever the platform (PC, IPTV, connected TV, tablet, etc), M6 Group has asserted.
Over the last two years, the audience has registered a 16% growth, it says in a statement. Its other DTT channel, W9, is also performing well in comparison to other DTT catch-up services, M6 adds. 22.8% of users have already connected to it and their number has risen by 16% over the last six months.
The private group is basing this on recent Médiamétrie’s Global TV figures that measure catch-up TV audiences. It states that catch-up TV services have already been used by 14.5 million French viewers, representing 30% of the over-15 population.