Connected TV sales climbing in Argentina

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 26-10-2011
Internet-connected TVs, which in 2010 made up just 1% of all HDTVs sold in Argentina, will jump to nearly 20% of sales in 2012.
In the meantime, 2011 will end with SmarTVs accounting for 10% (some 150,000 units) of the country's high-definition TV sales, which are expected to hit 1.5 million units by Christmas.
Should such projection – made by the market's main TV vendors – materialise, 200,000 more HDTVs would be sold at the end of this year than they were at year-end 2010. Back then, a record 1.3 million HDTV units were sold in what was a World Cup year.
HDTVs sales will continue to grow rapidly throughout 2012, when they are expected to reach 2.5 million units. Of those, up to 500,000 will be connected TVs.
Based on data published by Argentine newspaper El Cronista, the star performers within the HDTV segment have been LED TVs. From 8% of HD sales in 2010, LED TVs will make up 25% of the market by the end of this year – before accounting for every other new HDTV set sold in Argentina during 2012.
Unsurprisingly, cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions continue their march towards extinction. Between 2010 and 2011, sales of these types of devices plummeted by nearly half (from 1.3 million to 700,000 units).
This trend will remain into 2012, when CRT TV sales are expected to drop again by nearly 50%.