By the means in particular and especially which constitutes best relay (phone) of its former person in charge and current Minister for the economy, France Telecom puts all works about it to torpedo the bringing together in progress between Canal+ and TPS! Such an amount of and so that the leaders Vivendi and Canal has golds and already planned to call into question what of aucuns call “fusion”!! Whereas in the other countries only one bouquet exists - nobody not finding great a deal there to repeat - and that in France that could quite simply have been the case if TPS had not been creates - with a single aim, one will note to counter/destroy Canal+ -, total ambient hypocrisy leads to imagine and predict all the dangers if the bouquets met… And all sing it in chorus and in unison! Find only one which for apart from the concerned ones which smells idiots more and more and is encircled of any share! It is time that a voice rises (even small!) and denounces what is occurring: Because it goes! Against any waiting the Télécom operator marks as well points as that would lead Canal to very important concessions or the pure and simple abandonment of the project!!! Under the pretext of preserve competition and the consumers (stop laughing at the bottom!), Canal will have to give up a number of exclusivenesses or if not to give up very short! It would act neither more nor less than of a death sentence because the single reason to remain or become subscribed is well that of the exclus'!!! Especially when one can receive free bouquets as well in TNT as in ADSL and free chains or programs on Internet… Disney is the first concerned? You undeceive: one also speaks to yield one of the chains cinema for example: TPS Star? with which? You ask it? Give your language to the principal if not still hegemonic telephone operator who has some more than the means… Then why not with others while one is there?! This hunger is without end! The loop (phone?) is buckled and fusion is not or is it any more more and more far from being it!