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Thread: DVBDream v1.1h Released 6-19-06

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    DVBDream v1.1h Released 6-19-06


    DVB Dream : v1.1h
    Latest release! (Setup package updated!)

    What is new (19.06.2006)

    * MPEG4/H.264 support added (v1.1h)
    * Plugin checkmarks fixed (v1.1h)
    * Video options dialog revised (v1.1h)
    * SS2 USB support fixed (v1.1h)
    * Overlay usage fixed (v1.1h)
    * Log files no longer use root path (v1.1h)
    * * You can test H.264 with Cyberlink or CoreAVC codecs at the moment. Cyberlink H.264 codec is included in PowerDVD 7: hxxp://
    CoreAVC will probably have an aspect ratio problem, you might want to try it with Generic Video Renderer.

    * Twinhan: more stable tuning (v1.1g)
    * Pinnacle: fix for periodic freezings (v1.1g)
    * Genpix: Turbo QPSK/FEC support (v1.1g)
    * Some fixes for PIP and MPG record (v1.1g)

    * More bandstacking options (v1.1f)
    * Bandstacking uses fixed 18 volt now (v1.1f)
    * Stay On Top fix (test) (v1.1f)

    * Fix for TS record (empty 2nd file) bug (v1.1e)
    * MPG record minor fixes (v1.1e)
    * Supports Band Stacking LNBs (test) (v1.1e)
    * Supports Uncommitted switches (test) (v1.1e)
    * Genpix device update, 1.0.2 (v1.1e)

    * Minor fix for record audio drop outs on some channels (v1.1d)

    * Fix for record crash bug (v1.1c)
    * Better audio sync for record (v1.1c)

    * Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog) (v1.1b)
    * 22khz tone off/on switch bug fixed (v1.1b)
    * AirStar2 bug fixed (v1.1b)
    * Pinnacle Diseqc support (v1.1b)

    * Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog) (v1.1a)
    * New Feature: Upgrade Reminder (v1.1a)

    * Ch.Scanner has been adapted for N.A. / Echo*
    * Genpix 8PSK - USB device support
    * Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite support by Leonid P.
    * Out of resource bug fixed
    * General Timer Exception bug fixed
    * Bulgarian language added
    * Preferred languages for audio pids added
    * AC3 problems fixed
    * Modulation selection (QPSK / 8PSK) added
    * New Ch.list Options: Auto Collapse and Single Click To Expand
    * Ch.list color changes when filtered by TTX, AC3 or Multi-Audio.
    * Several Twinhan options added (Main menu/Options/Dev.Options)
    * Some plugin problems fixed
    * Many bugs reported via Eurekalog fixed

    Supported Devices:

    * B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar2, Cablestar2)
    * Twinhan (All PCI models should work *)
    * Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
    * Genpix 8PSK to USB device


    * B2C2 devices need v4.3.2 or newer driver
    * Please report the Twinhan models you could run DD on. (i.e. Twinhan VP-1020 - Red or Starbox ***)
    * Some codecs do not support PIP (e.g. old Cyberlink versions)! Best codecs for DD: Sonic or Nvidia
    * How to report bugs
    * Please do not try to use old modules (DDRemote, DVBEPG etc) with new DD. Old modules are incompatible with new DD.

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    Re: DVBDream v1.1h Released 6-19-06

    Marche pas avec Nexus


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    Re: DVBDream v1.1h Released 6-19-06

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